Global Arabia PR approach to Public Relations involves advising and implementing public exposure strategies. From press releases printed in newspapers across the country to handling a crisis or lobbying for a cause. PR is not a single fit proposition as each business is drastically different from the other. Hence, it gets very challenging to streamline communication suited to a particular target audience. 

Our specifically skilled team of experienced professionals makes sure we match your organization’s needs by communicating the right amount of information to the public at the right time.

We do:

  • assessing and analyzing the need for pr
  • discovering insight about target audiences
  • design and develop innovative pr strategies that is in sync with your business objectives
  • marry the pr objectives with your overall business goals
  • set short term pr goals and adopt various initiatives/tools to reach them
  • deliver results
  • measure delivered results
  • stakeholder relationship management using media relations
  • image management
  • crisis communication
  • internal communications collaterals
  • media monitoring
  • media training
  • events and promotions
  • crisis management